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It can be a mammoth task trying to manage the day to day running of your business alongside your sales and marketing activities. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn are not just popular platforms, but they are also platforms that when managed properly can drive customers to you.

It is also important to point out that marketing is not only about utilising social media platforms to publicise your product or service. We will develop a plan around the various online and offline methods of communication.

Firstly, we will discuss your businesses objectives. Perhaps you are looking to reconnect with past or existing customers or access new customer audiences?

We can look at targeting your existing customers via ezine campaigns, engaging with new and existing customers via PR stories, radio and print campaigns. We can look at your SEO (site engine optimisation), keywords, website content and PPC Google campaigns (Pay Per Click).

The methods used will depend on your budget and what works best for you. It is imperative that we establish your goals, identify the key massages that you wish your customer audience to know and then establish the most appropriate routes to market for you. Together we can ensure your message is delivered in line with your brand identity.

Across your social media platforms, we can create target audiences and put in place relevant advertising campaigns, additionally I can via one to one mentoring sessions, run through how to use each platform. We can assist you in reconnecting with existing customers and accessing new customer audiences across the social media platforms most suited to your business.

How We Can Help

We can take away the fear that surrounds social media platforms for many businesses. We can break down the tasks at hand, based on the individual needs of your business, focusing on what is relevant to you. Choosing a variety of different methods of communication such as for example:

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