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Sales & Marketing Plan

A sales & marketing plan is about identifying your businesses target market and establishing strategies to reach those customers. 

We will work together in identifying the strategies you will use to sell and market your product and service and ultimately grow your revenue. Setting in place goals and timelines for your business to achieve.

First steps are to take time out so that together we can determine where you are now in relation to your sales and marketing initiatives. Gain insight on your industry, market and more, hone in on your offer and how it benefits your potential client / customer. Establish your routes to market and your customer types. Develop clarity and clearly bullet point what needs to be done. Calculate costs around what sales and marketing initiatives you need to engage with and understand the time required to achieve your objectives.

How We Can Help

Following our one to one meeting I will deliver a robust sales and marketing plan clearly identifying your objectives. Should you wish, I can remain hands on in the project to help realise your sales and marketing objectives, assisting you and or other team members with the day to day work. Together we can agree a suitable time frame for me to remain within the project with you. Depending on where you are in the development stage of your Sales & Marketing Plan assistance can vary from:

My support can be as frequent and as hands on as you require. 

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