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Team Development

We deliver bespoke Sales & Marketing training courses built to your specific requirements. We customise each course following discussion with you on the elements you wish to cover with your team.

Whether your objective is to create and build a sales and marketing plan, which your team can work on implementing, or your objective is to specifically focus on the area of conversion and winning of the sale. This includes mentoring on the art of “proactive telesales” or indeed assisting people to overcome their fear of conducting sales over the phone.

Courses are tailored around seeking engagement from the team, obtaining their input, and establishing their opinions on the task at hand. My objective is to establish both their individual and group understanding of their physical product, their perception of the product currently and their understanding of their customer.

Building on the feedback from these observations we then develop the course around preparing the product for sale, how to engage with the customer followed by their negotiation skills and techniques. The course will also look at the follow up process within the organisation and ways in which this process can be improved upon. Ultimately the objective is to instil confidence and belief in the product being sold and to seek the conversion and gain the win.

How We Can Help

By focusing on the individual needs of your team we can work on developing areas such as:

By really listening to your prospective customers and focusing on the right leads a well-informed sales and marketing team can increase conversion and see growth in their revenue stream. A good CRM is also key.

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